We celebrated to “3.000.000 people, hours” ceremony

Lodestone Mogul LLC celebrate to our partnership company’s “3.000.000 people, hours” ceremony in Khuren Shand camp and on the 22nd of November, 2017. In this ceremony, the costumers had every emotionally for our skilled cooks’ servicing.

Congratulations for all employees of “3.000.000 people’s working without accidents”. We will believe that your company’s success and experience of this work will help you to become a great example to other companies or organizations.

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Green building of the camp

The project has been developed by the GreenDown Mogul LLC project site to provide the workers with safety and comfortable environment. 

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I would like to thank the staff for the winter preparation

 I would like to thanks to the management of all employees of the organization for their work and comfortable living conditions for successful completion of the 2017-2018 winter preparation of the Lodestone Mogul LLC. Congratulations for all workers of company in made preparation of winter that they worked to provide to safety, comfortable environment of costumers. It’s our main purpose.

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Celebrated National Naadam Festival

Celebrating celebrations of the 22nd Anniversary of the Great State of Mongolia, 826 of the Great Mongol Empire, the 96th anniversary of the People's Revolution and the National  Naadam  Festival, celebrated the celebration of the Lodestone Mogul LLC project and colleagues. Holiday events were won by seven categories of sports such as national wrestling, chess, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, jogging and ropes. We have been successful in organizing the Naadam festival and participating actively in the competition.





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